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with crystal clear water!

With more than 30 beaches to discover on your trip to the island, Curacao is simply one of the best. Whether you are looking to spend the day at a well-equipped beach with everything you need, or you want something off the beaten path where you call the shots, Curacao has it all. Take advantage of the weather and check out some of the off the beaten trail beaches. You won't regret it!

Marie Pampoen

This cosy little beach with a little enclave with small fishing boats scattered about is perfect for those looking for more than just relaxation. With a few great hotels and casinos nearby, alongside the popular “Seaside Terrace” restaurant, this is a little corner of the island with more than just sun and sand on offer.

Klein Curacao / Mermaid Trips

The perfect outing to the outlying island of Klein Curacao, provided by Mermaid, a company which makes sure all the little details are taken care of. A short trip to the island means you can spend hours on the white sand, explore underwater caves, check out the fantastic marine life or have a stroll around the island to explore the watchtower and lighthouse. Or maybe you can do it all! Get on board!

This is Curacao

Have you ever wanted to go both to Europe and the Caribbean but can only afford one? With Curacao, you will feel like you are wandering the streets of Amsterdam, with the option for white sand beaches. A perfect combination of the two, Curacao is the place for you.

Fuikdag 2017

Sint Joris Bay

Whether you're looking to unwind, relax, or get some snorkelling or swimming in, Sint Joris Bay is the one stop shop for everything Curacao. Bring your barbecue and set up shop on the shoreline to watch windsurfers go by, and even take part yourself through Sint Joris Bay Windsurfing, located nearby.

Grote Knip Cliff Jumping

Perched above the crystal clear waters of the Grote Knip beach, the rocky cliffs provide a adrenaline-pumping spot from which to leap off and into the waters below. This beach is equipped with several shady tables, so bring your favourite snacks and drinks!


This long stretch of local beach is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon relaxing on the bright sands and swimming in the beautiful, turquoise waters. The ideal tropical beach, with restaurants and shaded tables, Caracasbaai has everything you need to really enjoy your time here on Curacao.

Mermaid - the short

A do not miss excursion to the small island of Klein Curacao on the chartered Mermaid boat. Enjoy a day out on this fantastic island with crystal clear water, beautiful sand, incredible diving and snorkelling and feast on a beach front barbecue in your own sheltered beach house. Explore the historic lighthouse of the island, and climb the watchtower for a stunning panoramic view around this tiny uninhabited island.


Nestled in colourful and diverse reef at just five metres off the beach, this rusty Tug Boat is an ideal site for scuba divers and snorkellers. Take in a bit of interesting history following the accidental sinking of this lonely boat while enjoying the surrounding marine life.

Spanish Water

A very large natural lagoon and harbor. You can spot luxury villas and fine boats here as well as smaller resorts and restaurants. Also nice for windsurfing because of wind but no waves...

Seru Boca Marina

If you're a keen yachtsman or you just like strolling the piers amongst the various seafarers and their vessels, the Seru Boca Marina is for you. This safe marina, nestled on the Santa Barbara Resort and Golf Course means you will always have easy access to your boat while staying in this little piece of tropical paradise.

Curacao Yacht Club

Regardless of whether you're an official member of the club or not, you can come down and stroll the marina, admiring all the yachts moored up here, fantasising about owning your own. Enjoy a drink or meal at the restaurant on site and see how the other half live. Check out the video map for an idea of how great this place can be!

Kima Kalki Marina

If you're a yacht or boat lover – whether you own your own or you just like wandering marinas and looking at the various vessels – Kima Kalki Marina is for you. With slips for rent for those who own their own, and other amenities such as restaurants and shops nearby, the Kima Kalki Marina is ideal for anyone who likes to have a short stroll and enjoy the relaxed hustle and bustle of island life.

Restaurant Boca 19

This waterside local haunt is a favourite amongst travellers and locals alike and features a diverse menu of both drinks and local cuisines. Don't take our word for it – come see why Boca 19 is one of the most well known and top rated restaurants in Curacao.

Windsurfing Curacao

There's always wind on Curacao. Why not go windsurfing? Spanish Water offers calm water and steady winds...

Turtles on Klein Curaçao

Different species of sea turtles return to this tiny island south of Curacao each year to nest. If you're lucky you may see baby turtles making their run for the sea through the white sands. A perfect end to a perfect day on this romantic, tropical island.

Mermaid departure

Find this pier on Caracasbaai. The crew will help you finding directions early in the morning...


This bay on the east side of the island is somewhat secluded and quieter for much of the year, but come January, thousands of people descend on this tropical bay to celebrate the New Year in style with party boats, DJs on platforms in the water and other fun things. This is a popular bay for boaters all year round.

Playa Kalki

A smaller beach, but just as beautiful as all the others, Playa Kalki is flanked on one side by high, tree covered mountains, and is home to some pristine sand. Sun beds and shade umbrellas are available for those looking to relax, and the water is home to some great fish for spotting while you snorkel.


An idyllic corner of the island, Playa Portomari is a favourite amongst visitors to Curacao. With a small bar, and water activities nearby, this is a little slice of heaven on sand. One of the starting points for diving and snorkelling, you can easily arrange a trip out to some of the nearby reefs that are bursting with colourful marine life.

Coral Estate / Karakter

A unique location on Curacao, Karakter is a private beach club with high class dining, luxury villas and stretches of pristine white sand and bright blue seas, offset with lines of green palms. If you're into diving, this is the place for you – featuring an on site dive company, Karakter is the ideal tropical getaway for couples and families alike.

Playa Sint Michiel

South of Kokomo Beach, this true blue spectacle is home to a number of local homes and smaller hotels. Set back away from the beach is a large lagoon which provides something other than beaches for those looking for a bit more. Known to be a home of flamingos, the lagoon is a great place to spend an afternoon on Curacao.

Kokomo beach

Flanked on either side by green hills, this sandy beach on the tropical island of Curacao in the Dutch Antilles is perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean. With a number of fantastic dining options both in restaurant and on the sand by sunset, Kokomo beach is a lucious stop for sun and sand seekers and is not to be missed. Check out the video map for more!

Blue Bay Beach

The aptly named Blue Bay Beach is a true tropical paradise. With the bright blue seas, white sand and lines of palm trees, this is simply the perfect tropical holiday location. Offering up a golf course, some luscious swimming and a plethora of great shops and restaurants, this is the ideal place to base yourself on a trip to Curacao.

Playa Santa Martha

If you're looking for a quiet beach for a barbecue or a couple of cold ones, Playa Santa Martha can't be beat. Formerly a bustling resort beach, it stands quiet now and is perfect for those who are looking for something a little different. A diving company is located nearby offering opportunities for diving and snorkelling trips, so this is ideal for those still wanting to get a bit of action in.

Playa San Juan

A hidden beach. Nice for your private BBQ and relaxing in peace and quietness... You enter this beach trough "Landhuis San Juan". You'll also have access to Playa Manzaliña and Playa Shon Mosa.

Playa Shon Mosa

A hidden beach. Nice for your private BBQ and relaxing in peace and quietness... You enter this beach trough "Landhuis San Juan". You'll also have access to Playa Manzaliña and Playa Hundu.

Playa Manzaliña

A hidden beach. Nice for your private BBQ and relaxing in peace and quietness... You enter this beach trough "Landhuis San Juan". You'll also have access to Playa Hundu and Playa Shon Mosa.

Playa Grandi/Playa Piscado

Perhaps the most local beach you can get on the island. Every day the fishermen bring their catch in on this beach, so it acts as a local fish market as well where you can buy direct from the source. Have a beer on the sand and watch the fishermen come and go with their haul. Some amazing fauna is visible here as well – including various birds and even the odd turtle!

Sunset on Klein Curacao

This tiny island to the south of the main island of Curacao is perfect for a truly romantic getaway from it all. You can charter a boat with captain, set up a beach front barbecue and watch the sunset. Perfect for honeymoons, engagements or anniversaries. Or even just because. Do not miss this great spot.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Cas Abou Beach

Take fitness to the next level by renting out a paddle board and taking to the bright blue seas to explore and get a bit of exercise. With a rental company right on the beach, it couldn't be easier to get out on the water for a different perspective. If you're looking for something a bit different on your tropical holiday, get on board with paddle boarding!

Blue Room

A fantastic cavern accessible with a short swim, you can either get to this bright blue oasis by boat or through a short walk through the desert from Playa Santa Cruz. Perfect for divers who are looking for something a bit different. One thing is certain – once you check out the Blue Room, you will reminisce about this slice of heaven for years to come.

Pirate Bay

An extremely well-equipped beach, this is the beach for those who are looking for fun and excitement as well as a bit of a laid back relaxed vibe. This beach has it all! An immensely stocked beach bar means you can literally spend all day and night on the beach without having to go elsewhere. So why not hit Pirate Bay and live like a pirate on the white sand, seaside with a cocktail in hand, even if only for a day?

Daaibooi Beach

A stunning beach surrounded by lush green hills, Daaiboii Beach is a beautiful, cosy public beach where barbecues are allowed on the sand, making this a perfect location to spend an entire day. The Daaibooi Beach Bar is an added amenity, making this beautiful spot with its clear water and idyllic snorkelling a must for any trip to Curacao.

Santa Barbara Beach

Part of the exquisite Santa Barbara Beach Resort, the beach itself is an immaculately kept slice of paradise. With bright, clear waters and soft white sand, this is the ultimate tropical location to stop for a day or two. Alongside their pristine and luxurious resort, there are a number of shops and restaurants which will cater to your every need here on Santa Barbara beach.

Playa Largu

A bit rough and with stones but a great place to be and BBQ. Entrance is at "Landhuis San Juan".

Playa Lagun

A lush beach nestled between two rocky cliffs, this beach is well-equipped for even the most discerning of travellers. Offering a barbecue terrace overlooking the beach and bright blue waters, as well as hosting a dive centre, this beach has it all without being too overwhelming for those looking for something quieter, but with good amenities.

Playa Forti

With a fantastic bar and restaurant perched high above the water, you're given the perfect vantage point for watching brave souls jump from the rocky height and into the bright blue sea below. Enjoy a drink or some delicious food from this high vantage point – which overlooks the beach and surrounding area. Perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Grote Knip/Playa Kenepa Grandi

Along the north tip of the island is this stunning and secluded beach, home to some of the best sand on the island and absolutely stunning waters. Lush green hillsides surround the beach. Bring your own cooler for food and kick back in this idyllic tropical paradise. Check out the video map to have a look at how great this spot is.

Mambo Beach

The all-in-one beach: Beach, shopping, dining and entertainment. We recommend "CHILL BEACH GRILL" which is part of LIONS DIVE & BEACH RESORT... feet in sand and enjoy great BBQ... But the best: the water is just steps away of your table...

Kleine Knip/Playa Kenepa Chiki

A hidden, off the beaten trail and therefore quieter beach, Kleine Knip and Playa Kenepa Chiki are both quintessentially the epitome of the tropical beach. Bright blue waters, snorkelling and sandy shores welcome visitors if you make the effort to get out here – away from the crowds. Bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy a day in relative quiet splendour.

Playa Santa Cruz

A fantastic little local hideaway, Playa Santa Cruz also plays host to a walking trail which takes you to Black Sand Beach and the Blue Room – two absolute must sees on this short trail. The walk is roughly thirty minutes long, so make sure you have drinking water with you – and be prepared to be dazzled by this tropical paradise.

Jan Thiel Beach

Enjoy fancy restaurants, Jetski, beach tennis and other highlights on this beach. Mostly younger people... Party on!!

Playa Jeremi

A perfect beach for those who are keen on what you see is what you get. Classic white sand, turquoise seas flanked by rocky volcanic cliffs make this an ideal beach for lazing the day away and getting a bit of swimming in. A good snorkelling beach, you might find out keep coming back to this quieter location time and again during your tropical getaway. Have a look at the video map for more!

Piscadera Bay

Right near Pirate Bay, this little slice of Paradise is immaculately kept by the owners of the beaches – the hotels. The flip side of this is that for a bit higher price for sunbeds, you will get full bar service, seaside. What more could be better for those looking for a truly luscious beach day on this tropical island? Check out this slice of paradise and you will keep coming back for more.

Playa San Juan, MANZALIÑA and Shon Mosa

Three (4) hidden beaches. Bring your cooler and a small BBQ and have your steak the way you love it right at the beach. make sure you have swim shoes in your bag...

Cas Abou Beach

Perhaps THE beach on the island. A well-equipped beach bar stands by to serve you snacks and cold beer after a long day exploring the water by scuba or snorkel. The white sand offers up the perfect place to perch yourself for a day in the sun, and the strip of sand is perfect for an afternoon stroll. Will you see a pod of dolphins? You can only find out if you come check out this great beach. This beach was voted for one of the top 10 beaches in the Caribbean by an US travel magazine.

Sea Aquarium Beach

Beach, fun, sun, shop and dine - the all in one beach!

Hotel Beaches of Curacao

Hilton Beach Resort, Marriott Beach Resort, Holiday Beach Resort and Renaissance Resort & Casino.

Party Beaches

Kokomo Beach is one of the best party beaches. Full moon parties are legendary. Every Friday before full moon... but also Jan Thiel, Mambo... are great locations for a loooong party night!

Snorkelers Paradise

Get your mask and snorkel ready to explore the underwater world of Curacao!

Directors Bay

Formerly reserved solely for the management of a local company, today Director's Bay is open to the public and never crowded. The pristine tropical paradise is ideal for all visitors to the islands, and has some of the whitest sand and bluest seas. Come see for yourself! The video map says it all.


Chillin' on Klein Curacao. Book a private boat to this Caribbean retreat and enjoy the small island even over night. A great experience.


People from all over the world descend on Curacao each year to partake in the local Triathalon sporting events that happen almost monthly between March and December. Get fit, partake and have fun, regardless of whether you're participating or just observing – it's always exciting, and a perfect spot to enjoy a tropical getaway while you're at it.

Dive and Snorkel Paradise on Klein Curacao

If you're an avid snorkel and diving lover, Klein Curacao is the spot for you. Check out the fantastic marine life, underwater caves, and various types of sea turtles on this paradise away from paradise. You won't regret it!

Kitesurfing on Klein Curacao

If you're a fan of water sports of any kind, Klein Curacao is the place for you. Come out to this outlying island for a day of fun and sun and everything from snorkelling, diving and kite surfing and anything else you can think of. Just ask and see what you can do! Chill out with a beer and a beach barbecue. Perfect!

Lions Dive & Beach Resort

Lions Dive & Beach Resort Curaçao is by far the sportiest hotel on the island and it's superb location makes it a perfect launch point for discovering some of Caribbean’s best kept secrets.

Banda Abou Beaches

Kalki, Piskado, Grote Knip & Jeremi

Banda Abao Beaches II

Forti, Kleine Knip, Lagun & Santa Cruz

Banda Abou Beaches III

Boca Grandi, Mansaliña, Shon Mosa & Largu

Banda Abou Beaches IV

Cas Abou, Portomari, Daaibooi & Coral Estate

Banda Abao Beaches V

Discover all beaches of the beautiful west of Curacao...