Passion first

ShowMe Caribbean is a small and passionate team dedicated to virtual tools. We work with immersive technology to help our customers stand out in the digital crowd.

In 2011 the first Caribbean commercial drone ‘lift-off’ was made with our drone by AerialTake; we were mainly capturing video footage and photos of real estate. From that moment Sabine was swept away by this new technology, and in 2013 Sabine and Jacco started their company SkyWorks Curaçao focusing on aerial photography and film services for Caribbean destinations. In 2016 the business name was changed to ShowMe Caribbean, specializing in super interactive audio-visual solutions to help the hospitality sector get more direct bookings. Take a look at our services  to get a glimpse of what we can do for you!


Co-founder, Virtual tour creator, video editor, graphic designer

Sabine’s passion for filming started when she was a little girl, shooting footage at family gatherings, weddings and reunions. From a young age, she taught herself the process of video editing. She studied graphic design in Amsterdam, and in 1998, she started a graphic design and print studio business called ColorWorks in The Hague. ColorWorks is successful to this day and managed by her former partner. 
In 2011, after 27 years of graphic design, Sabine turned her passion into her work with the launch of SkyWorks Curaçao. Known today as ShowMe Caribbean, covering all her talents and interests into an immersive business.
‘The sky is the limit.’


Co-founder, pilot and technical partner

Jacco is one of our co-founders and a significant pillar of our organization, aka the wind turbine. He catches all our energies and transforms it into power. Raised in Suriname, St Maarten and Curacao, his family lives in St Maarten. Give Jacco a drone and he is entirely in his element. The drone passion started at the time he was an aeroplane mechanic for WinAir. Nowadays, he’s not only an expert drone operator but also a skilled drone repairman.
‘The wind turbine.’


Videographer, Producer and Editor

Lennard has been a videographer in heart and soul since he was a young boy. He was born and raised on Curacao and he moved to Holland after high school to study film production and editing at the Sint Lucas College in Eindhoven. He returned to Curacao in 2018 with his diploma and is now known as one of the most talented videographers and editors of the island. Check out his portfolio.
‘His work gives you goosebumps’


Business Strategist

Stephanie’s eye for effective strategy comes from years of business consulting. She has a unique ability to pick out the average way of doing things and transform them into upscale versions. Her ability to shift perspective by looking at things through the customer’s eyes gives her the power to cherry-pick the right combination and boost customer experience. Show her any company, and she’ll add that rare mix to the business formula.
‘Striving for excellence.’

Jimit Shah

Web Developer

With five years of web development and designing, computers are his all-time favourite subject! He studied computer application and ranked A+ because of his passion for computers, software and hardware. He started his training at Theoratech PVT Ltd, one of the most prominent IT companies in his area. After winning employee of the month, he started specializing in web design and web development. In 2015 he founded Net2Typo Web Services. Their main areas of focus are requirement analysis, project management, client communication and defining roadmaps. ShowMe Caribbean has worked with Jimit for a few years now, and he has proven to be a great asset to the company.
‘A man of his word.’