When a traveller is looking for destination ideas, what better way than exploring an interactive map.
Place your business on an interactive map and get noticed. Your business on a map will expose customers to all that your location and surroundings have to offer. They will get a better understanding of the location by interactively browsing through must-dos and hotspots. Customize your interactive map by activating what can be explored. 

What is an Interactive Map?

An interactive map is a map of the country where your business is located. In this map, your business pins are placed along with pins of other locations such as beaches, hotspots, restaurants, activities, etc.
A pin, once clicked, can show either photos, business info, and even 360-degree videos!


Who can use these tools?

- Hotels
- Restaurants
- Beach clubs
- Tour operators
- Tourist boards
- Real Estate
- Holiday Rentals


- Add a map to your website and Facebook page
- Add a map to your virtual tour
- Include maps on touchscreens at lobbies
- Add share buttons

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