Virtual Tours

Set yourself apart from your competitors

With virtual tours, customers can be present on your property from the comfort of their homes. They can navigate through the property and get a taste of what is offered. Virtual tours have been proven to keep customers on your website for longer resulting in a higher conversion rate. A well-designed tour spikes curiosity and customer engagement.

What is a Virtual Reality Tour

A VR tour has the potential to place a person in any real-world location, on-demand, wherever they choose. Using 360-degree panoramas and 360-degree videos of your property, visitors can virtually walk through your location. Visitors can experience the property, navigating through the points of interest. Multiple options are available, like adding information, direct bookings links, live guided tours, a virtual hostess and videos.

who can use these tools?

- Hotels
- Restaurants
- Tour operators
- Popular attractions
- Real estate industry
- Holiday rentals
- Non-existing properties with 3D renderings
- Universities
- Museums
- Hospitals
- Schools


- Add the tour to your website and Facebook page
- Add your Google Street View
- Show the tour at tradeshows on VR glasses
- Touchscreens at lobbies and tradeshows
- Include direct links to booking pages
- Live-guided tours
- Virtual hostess
- Advanced analytics


The new solution for taking clients on a virtual walk-through experienced in real time. 
Live-guided tours allow video calls inside of a virtual tour. 
Live-guided tours are so much more than a video conference with a shared screen. It’s a communication tool embedded in a virtual tour. Anyone can navigate the tour on their own or follow the lead of the one controlling the tour.
Everyone sees the tour in the same quality – a big advantage compared to screen sharing. 


After all the time invested in creating virtual tours it is very important to know how well your tours perform. Which paths and flows your audience follows ultimately determines what works for your tours and what does not. Think of most clicked buttons or most visited panoramas inside a tour. Or maybe there is a hotspot that remains unnoticed which should be highlighted. 

Meet Soraya

Include Soraya in your tour as a virtual hostess. She will show the audience your business. 


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