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with crystal clear water!

Turquoise seas and green palms line the pristine beaches of "The Friendly Island", giving this jewel a real tropical vibe. With many options for water sports, diving, snorkelling and more, you will find yourself having to pick the best bits of the island to fit everything in!

Grand Cayes

Le Galion

This well known, but very low key beach is ideal for families and those looking for a softer kind of surf - the nearby atoll acts as a barrier, providing shallow, warm waters perfect for children of all ages and those looking to relax and have a calming float in the water. Don't think it's all just relaxing though - if you're into almost any watersports, you can arrange them at this beach as well.

Happy Bay

White sand never looked quite so good as it does in Happy Bay. The brightness can be so overwhelming you might find that sunglasses are a regular part of your everyday attire – not that this is a bad thing! This is one of the most pristine beaches on Sint Maarten, and a real tropical paradise for those looking for a bit of sea and sand.

Buccaneer Beach

True to its name, Buccaneer Beach is full of fun, pirate themed bars and restaurants set amid the stunning white sand and blue seas of this friendly, tropical island in the Dutch Caribbean. Stocked with a number of accommodation options, Buccaneer Beach is a great place for fun and relaxation for the whole family.

Anse Marcel

Tucked within its own cove, Anse Marcel is everything you want in a tropical beach getaway. Sun and sand, with enough restaurants to entertain you by night showcasing the local cuisine, alongside excursions both to snorkelling sites as well as to other areas of the island. What more could one want? Staying within this area will make you feel as though you have SXM and the Caribbean to yourself!

Grand Case

Located in the northern part of the “Friendly Island”, Grand Case is a the ideal location for those sunseekers who are looking for a good time all around. White sand, turquoise seas and an immense string of hotels, bars and restaurants in Grand Case alongside it's charm and Caribbean vibe, you will be sure to enjoy absolutely every day and night here.

Mullet Bay pt.2

The winding roads of the area through Mullet Bay, away from the beach takes you on a spectacular journey through authentic Caribbean towns where you can stop at local restaurants and try out some flavourful and spicy food. The beach is just a stones throw from almost everywhere in the area, and so you will never be left wondering what there is to do.

Dawn Beach

Aptly named for being on the east side of Sint Maarten, Dawn Beach is a favourite for sunrise lovers, beach goers and generally anyone looking for some sun, sea and sand. Dawn Beach is a fantastically outfitted beach with many top Caribbean resorts and restaurants, making this an ideal place to base yourself for your tropical vacation. An added benefit is that it has a somewhat central location, making getting around the island to other places a breeze!

Baie d'lembourchure

With two inland bodies of water to explore, as well the outlying island string of Caye Chateau, this is perhaps one of the best Caribbean locations to be able to have a little bit of everything. You can dine while overlooking the beautiful bay, sightsee by heading out to the Caye, or while away the hours on the sand. Check out the video map to see just what a spectacular Caribbean destination this is.

Oyster Bay

Located on the French side of Saint Martin, Oyster Bay is on the east coast and is home to a lovely little marina where you can watch boats of all shapes and sizes coming and going, set against the beautiful turquoise water. With Dawn Beach and other areas nearby, Oyster Bay is also well placed to explore the island.


This small municipality on SXM is home to a stunning beachfront promenade lined with palm trees and overlooking the turquoise waters. Featuring numerous bars, shops and restaurants, this is the perfect place to stroll tree-lined back streets by day followed by a walk around the busy marina. Sandy beaches top off this fantastic resort town, making this an ideal location for visitors who are looking for a bit of everything.

Maho Beach

Perhaps one of the most famous Tropical beaches in the world, this is the world's best plane-spotting location, being placed right at the front of the runway into Princess Juliana International Airport. This means visitors to the beach can enjoy watching huge airliners landing at the airport, almost literally within only thirty or forty feet above the beach.

Little Bay

When planning your next tropical vacation, look no further than Little Bay on the island of Sint Maarten. With a number of top Caribbean resorts to choose from, this is an ideal vacation spot to start your visit to one of the friendliest islands in the Caribbean. It's easy to see why with the vast white sand beaches and bright blue seas that come as standard at Little Bay.

Simpson Bay

This busy but beautiful port area is home to numerous private yachts, hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. Well worth more than one walk through, you will constantly be delighted at the variety of things to see and do here and it's a perfect tropical places to visit while you're on vacation in St. Maarten.

Plum Bay

Stretches of seclusion sums up Plum Bay. This idyllic tropical paradise includes vast expanses of white sand edged by palms and blue seas and allows visitors enough space to have their very own stretch of beach. With a number of great hotels and restaurants, dining here is a joy, knowing you can return to a piece of St Martin beach all your own.

Friar's Bay

If ever there was the image of the quintessential tropical island in your mind, Friar's Bay in St Martin would surely be it. Friar's Bay is a quieter location, less built up than other areas which makes this an ideal setting for a romantic tropical getaway. Check out the video map available to see just how stunning this slightly off the beaten track location is.

Simpson Bay

Near to the Airport, Simpson Bay is an ideal start to any tropical getaway due to its close proximity to the airport and its fantastic array of well-equipped hotels and restaurants that feature Caribbean hospitality. Beautiful white sand beach and turquoise seas make this area prime for swimming, and who knows – you might find a few sunken surprises in the water, making this a snorkellers dream.

Kim Sha

Nestled in Simpson Bay, this beautiful beach is well-equipped with bars, restaurants and some of the best hotels available in the Dutch Caribbean. This is the perfect start to your island vacation on the white sand beaches and bright blue seas of Kim Sha Beach at SXM.

Nettle Bay

This narrow strip of beach on the north side of Simpson Bay Lagoon is on the French side of the island and has a number of great hotels and restaurants, Nettle Bay truly has it all for the discerning Caribbean traveller. The Nettle Bay Beach Club offers up fantastic food right on the beach and as both beds and hammocks to while away the day. You might even catch a glimpse of the ferry that runs between Dutch Anguilla and Sint Maarten from the airport.

Long Bay

Located right on the western tip of the island, this secluded pristine beach is ideal for those who love a bit of sun, sea and sunsets. Dine overlooking the beach as the sun goes down and while away the day strolling along the warm Caribbean waters along the sand. A real treat for visitors to SXM.

Cupe Coy

A more built up area with a number of hotels and other amenities, Cupe Coy still retains its beauty and charm while ensuring its visitors are well taken care of. With beautiful beaches that are set against backdrops of sheer cliffs, Cupe Coy is a stunning location for any holiday to this tropical island.

Coralita Beach

Another fantastic location for visitors to Sint Maarten, Coralita Bay is an ideal area for those who love sea and sand, as well as sunrises. Located on the eastern coast, this is perhaps the epitome of white sand and turquoise seas, with luxurious resorts nestled in the hillside overlooking the bay. For those looking to dream and dine while overlooking a beautiful tropical oasis, this is the place for you.

Caye Bay / Indigo Bay

This stunning, sandy bay on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten is an outdoor lovers dream with its bright turquoise waters and white sand, alongside trails that are perfect for hiking. With a variety of accommodation options, this is one of the ideal vacation spots to base yourself.

Baie Rouge

A perfect tropical spot for those looking to sightsee, perhaps travelling to nearby beaches and bays, Baie Rouge is ideal for those wanting a romantic base, but with the opportunity to head further afield to other areas in St Martin. A perfect location for those looking for Caribbean cuisine right on the beach and laid back atmosphere of the island life.

Walter Plantz Square

This popular, palm-lined boardwalk is home to several fantastic bars and restaurants – some of which host live music in the evenings. With a number of shops as well, the Walter Plantz Square is a perfect place to have a stroll if you are looking for something to do aside from whiling away the hours on the white beach sand.

Beaches of Sint Maarten

The beautiful tropical island of Sint Maarten, often abbreviated to SXM or simply known as “The Friendly Island" is one of the top spots in the Caribbean for those searching for pristine white sand beaches that are idyllically complimented by healthy green foliage and turquoise blue seas, making this one of the best Caribbean islands to visit for your next holiday. Not only are the beaches perfect for relaxation and getting your daily dose of sunshine, but several of them make excellent plane-spotting locations – such as the famous Maho Beach!

Orient Beach

Perhaps one of the most popular beaches on Sint Maarten, Orient Beach is well-known and well-equipped with fantastic restaurants allowing its patrons the opportunity to sample local, Caribbean cuisine and enjoy the relaxed Saint Martin vibe. Tons of various activities can be arranged here – making this the one-stop shop for everything for the island vacation of your dreams.

Mullet Bay

Mullet Bay is located north west of Maho Beach and has all the amenities you'd want and need from a tropical vacation. Hotels, bars, restaurants, and outdoor activities are all available in spades at Mullet Bay, making this an ideal spot for your Caribbean getaway.

Island Pinel

Off the coast of the north eastern corner of the French side of St Martin is the Island of Pinel – a perfect getaway for those really seeking seclusion and island life. This island within an island lends itself to quiet beaches, romantic dinners and some of the clearest blue seas you can imagine. The perfect tropical paradise.

Guana Bay

Guana Bay is tucked away on the east side of Sint Maarten, with a lovely stretch of tropical beach all its own. Equipped with the best Caribbean resorts, restaurants and bars, Guana Bay is perfect for people looking for a quieter tropical paradise. With lots of great hiking trails and other outdoor activities, you will always find something to do in Guana Bay.

Sandy Beaches

Sint Maarten offers 37 white sand beaches in all sizes and styles. Crowded and action but also secluded and quiet. Find your favorite beach!

Sint Maarten - The Friendly Island

Known as “The Friendly Island” in the Dutch Caribbean, Sint Maarten (SXM) is all this and more. From the welcoming locals to the friendly nature of restaurant and hotel staff, you will find that you are treated like one of the family on this gorgeous tropical isle. Come see for yourself!